5 Positive Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Daily Life

Guest post by Dana Brown

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. While many of these changes were unwanted, some may actually have positive implications for our mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. Navigating the uncertain waters of the pandemic has changed how we approach life. At Metta Human, we have seen how coping with the events of the past year has changed the very psychology of how we think and act—for the better! Here are some positive changes we can all take away from the pandemic.

We’re Breaking Out of the Rat Race

Many months after the initial outbreak of the coronavirus, the U.S. still has 10 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic began. The silver lining in all this is that more people are beginning to break out of the rat race. People who have lost long-term jobs are discovering that there are ways to earn money that don’t involve overwork, burnout, anxiety, or trading time for money. 

The loss of jobs across the country has encouraged many people to find new ways to earn an income, like launching a home-based business! You too can take advantage of the economic slowdown to start your own business, take control over your earning power, and have more time left over for the things you really want to do in life. Just remember to tackle your legal obligations as you get set up. For example, find out what’s involved in registering a business and forming an LLC in your state before moving forward.

We’re Reevaluating Our Priorities

As a result of the pandemic, we’re also reevaluating our priorities when it comes to work, family, and consumerism. These days, people are more concerned with health and hygiene than beauty. Spending more time at home has caused many people to ditch the makeup, perfume, and clothing associated with going out and socializing. We’ve learned how to be okay with what we used to see as imperfection, whether this means letting our natural hair run wild or prioritizing healthy skin over heavy makeup. These shifting self-care priorities stand to improve our mental health in the long run!

We’re Saving Money

Saving money has become another major priority for many people during the pandemic. In the face of job insecurity, we’re all looking to cut back on our spending and beef up our savings. At the same time, the shutdown of paid activities like dining out, going to the gym, or attending concerts means there are fewer opportunities to spend money! GMA recommends considering these money-saving habits a permanent lifestyle shift. Better financial health means less overall stress, so staying on top of your spending is an excellent move for your mental well-being!

We’re Focusing on Our Health

The pandemic has also encouraged many of us to reevaluate our health. People in poor health seem to be more susceptible to complications from the coronavirus, so many are picking up healthy lifestyle habits as a precautionary measure. Plus, restaurant closures have encouraged people to step away from the standard American diet and learn how to cook nutritious meals at home. These healthy habits are helping us live longer, happier lives!

We’re Finding New Ways to Stay Connected

As Mind Body Seven explains, humans are social creatures and spending too much time alone can be damaging to our mental health. Connecting with others online has been commonplace for many years, but the pandemic normalized the idea of virtual gatherings to connect people who cannot be together in person. This has wonderful implications for people who live in isolated areas and family members who live far away from each other.

Some people may be hard-pressed to find a positive side to the coronavirus pandemic. But the truth is that the pandemic has encouraged many of us to lead healthier lives, put more effort into our social connections, and develop key self-care strategies for coping with stress. This is a mental shift that will stick around long after the pandemic is over!

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