Managing New Years Overwhelm

I feel like psychologists laugh when they hear people proclaim “New Year, New Me”. Not because they are cynical, but because they know how difficult it is to change even one thing, let alone a deeply engrained ego identity constructed over a lifetime. Nevertheless, I think we all start the new year with a grandContinue reading “Managing New Years Overwhelm”

A Year is Made of Days, Days of Hours, Hours of Minutes… and Ad Infinitum

“I realized, I wasn’t born this [person]. I made him.” – David Goggins I’d argue that the most important moment of your life is this one, and the most important day of your life is today. Life’s trajectory is altered and influenced by micro-moments, small pivots, split seconds. The sweeping away of all that was,Continue reading “A Year is Made of Days, Days of Hours, Hours of Minutes… and Ad Infinitum”

Sketching, Sculpting and Seriously Bad Singing: Why Self-Expression Through Art is Good for Your Mental Health

How do you express yourself? Perhaps you sing in the shower, prance around in your pyjamas or even shimmy down the staircase. Whatever it is, self-expression encourages you to reveal your weird, whacky and wonderful self to others. It’s completely endearing and one of the greatest forms of self-love.

Happiness is a Skill: How to be Happy All The Time

So my advice is this: keep it within you, no matter the cost. No matter what happens, always bring your own happiness. You’ll find it’s an unlimited reserve, and as unromantic and mechanic as it can seem, it is a capacity that grows the more you tend to it. Cultivate happiness and harvest fulfillment.