“Meditation is the key to unlocking the door of mysteries.” – ʻAbdu’l-Bahá

How Meditation Loosens the Grip of the Self: Neural Correlates of Self-Centeredness and Self-Transcendence

Somehow, meditation changes both of these: over time, it quiets chatter of the monkey mind and shifts our stubborn physiological bias. Quite like magic. Except, it’s long-term magic: meditation erodes and weakens the strength of our negative thoughts, cognitive dissonances, and painful longings.

The Nature of Insight: The Lotus Puzzle, a Zen Koan Exercise

The following exercise is meant to confer a firsthand experience of ordinary insight. In Zen meditation traditions, these types of puzzles and intractable statements are known as Koans. Take a moment to focus your mind and try the following exercise, contemplating the problem until you experience a flash of insight that conveys the answer. A […]

5 Ways to Bolster your Meditative Practice

Before delving into ways to strengthen your meditation practice, you need to establish a practice to begin with. Here are some resources to help you do that: This is How Meditation Actually Works9 Little-Known Benefits of MeditationStart Meditating Today: The BEST Resources to Start a Meditation HabitThe Transformative Power of Meditation While there is no ultimate “goal” of meditation […]

This is How Meditation Actually Works

People often get frustrated at the beginning of a meditative practice. They are not “less calm”, peaceful, or enlightened. Sometimes, they’re more miserable than before. But in reality, they’re not actually more miserable than before, they are just more acutely aware of the underlying misery or anxiety or whatever it was they were experiencing—things they […]

The Many Methods of Mastering the Mind

Masters of all kinds highlight the importance of cultivating stillness of mind. For most of us, our capacity for stillness is about that of a squirrel. So how do we succeed in our search for stillness? Although I am an unwavering proponent of meditation, there are several paths to stillness. So, while the following methods […]

The Transformative Power of Meditation

Meditation brings you back to yourself. It reminds you how to laugh freely, to love openly, to embrace the fullness of existence. Meditation will continue to bring you back to yourself, every single day that you make the conscious decision to invest in this practice. Meditation makes every day worth living, no matter the content […]


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