An Introduction to Karma: How it Actually Works, and Why it Matters

The reality of karma is that it does not punish you in some distant future. The reality of karma is that it is a direct reflection of the state of your own mind: a state which you create by every action you perpetrate, and every thought you think.

Transcending Homeostatic Levels of Happiness

We live within the limits of our minds. The universe is infinite, what is available to us is limitless beyond measure. And the universe is entirely impartial; it is a constant creator, it will generate what you ask it to generate. What you step towards, it will bring forward. The seeds you sow are the fruits you reap. 

The 3 Keys to Developing Empathy: How to be the Best Listener Ever

Everyone has an emotional thermostat that is set based on one’s age, genetics, sociocultural environment, and personal experience. This is the fundamental principle to understand in order to cultivate true empathy. Have you ever noticed that a certain situation may stress someone to emotional exhaustion, while someone else under the same duress wouldn’t batt an eye?

The Neural Mechanisms of Introversion and Extraversion: What Happens in the Brain?

Explore the neuroscience of introversion and extraversion. Why, at a neurological level, do some people tend towards introversion, and some towards extraversion?

Mental Health Awareness: What Really Makes People Different from Each Other?

I am absolutely bubbling with excitement because I’m about to share what I believe to be the most foundational aspects of mental health. By the end of this article, you will have a superior and much more nuanced understanding of what makes people different, and why this is essential to understanding mental illness.