“The brain is the organ of destiny.” – Wilder Penfield

How Neurological Sensitivity To Your Environment Shapes Who You Are

“Brains are as unique as snowflakes. As your trillions of new connections continually form and re-form, the distinctive pattern means that no one like you has ever existed, or will ever exist again.” – David Eagleman, The Brain: The Story of You Humans arrive in the world unlike other animals do. In the animal kingdom, […]

MVP Morning Routine: How to Wire Yourself to be in a Consistently Good Mood

Why aren’t people naturally happy? Being a modern human is a balancing act. We are constantly shuffling between responsibilities, and I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind an assistant for my own life. Sometimes life is just loud; sometimes it’s just a lot to deal with. But there’s also the misconception that humans are wired for happiness. […]

Why is your forced smile so ugly? Neuroscience can Explain

“Smile!” “No, smile naturally!” Your friend exclaims as she tries to take the perfect instagram-worthy shot. You know you’re smiling awkwardly, but you can’t help it. In fact, the more you try, the worse it gets. Why does this effortless act—which you perform multiple times a day—become curiously difficult when done on command? It’s not […]