The only answer is to ask questions.

Life doesn’t happen to you; life happens for you

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker Most of us are not prepared for the responsibility of creating our lives. So we pretend that we don’t have it at all. We pretend that we are leaves in the wind; that we are victims of circumstance instead of victors […]

Avoid Catching Apathy, The Emotional Plague

Apathy is a resignation of the self. It swaddles you in safety, but it does so by alleviating you from the desires and drives that caused you pain. It drives a wedge between who you are – your burning innate desires – and your conscious mind. So you are outwardly – and even inwardly – convinced that you truly couldn’t care less about your own life.

Get your own worms

If I asked you to give me your brain, would you?

Probably not. Why, then, have you forfeited your ability—and your right—to use it?

Evolution Happens in Hindsight

The beauty of being human is that we have the faculty of choice, of consciousness. We can deliberately choose to change, to conquer a fear. Not all evolution needs to be accidental or based on happenstance; we can take a birds-eye view of our lives, take note of what needs to be tweaked, and devise a plan for its accomplishment.