“The mind has a mind of its own.”

The 3 Keys to Developing Empathy: How to be the Best Listener Ever

Everyone has an emotional thermostat that is set based on one’s age, genetics, sociocultural environment, and personal experience. This is the fundamental principle to understand in order to cultivate true empathy. Have you ever noticed that a certain situation may stress someone to emotional exhaustion, while someone else under the same duress wouldn’t batt an eye?

Why is North America so sad? Maybe it’s the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Imagine you were critically depressed, contemplating taking your own life, only to discover that NUTRITION was at the root of your problem all along? But no one told you. Not your doctors, not your friends, and most certainly not the media. How incomprehensibly CHEATED would you feel? There you were, thinking you were eternally damned and defected, but really you just hadn’t been taught to program your operating system correctly? Hold my broccoli.

Panic Attack Prevention and Survival Guide

If you deal with panic attacks, you are not alone. Approximately 11% of people in the US will experience a panic attack each year, and for many, it’s a regular occurrence. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risks of having a panic attack, as well as ways to make any panic attacks you do have easier to handle.


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