Ready, Set, Strategize: The Technique That Guarantees Success

You’ve already heard of the wonders of visualization for achieving your goals. In fact, you’re probably nauseous from repeatedly watching yourself achieve success on the “screen of your mind”.

It always plays out so seamlessly: there you are, effortlessly uncovering every golden nugget on planet earth, euphoric that everything is going according to plan.

Our imaginations are a safe haven where all of our dreams can come true, and visualization is indisputably a powerful tool for subconsciously wiring yourself to succeed.

The trouble is, nothing in reality is ever seamless. And often when we try to actualize our goals, our feet are held to the fire of reality, and we are shocked that we get burned.

But being so smart, why didn’t you anticipate the fire?

Introducing: The Pre-mortem Technique

Here’s a simple way to avoid disaster: plan for it!

Instead of daydreaming like a naive infant, apply your knowledge of reality to your perfectly concocted plans before executing them.

Pre-mortem: before death; an analysis of failure before it takes place.

Applying The Technique:

  1. Depending on the complexity of the project, set aside a block of time to review your plan of action.
  2. Imagine that your project has failed spectacularly.
  3. Identify, in detail, every possible cause of the failure.
  4. Troubleshoot every possible reason for the downfall of your project.
  5. Imagine, in detail, overcoming every possible cause of failure by using the troubleshooting strategies you have developed.
  6. Execute the project.
  7. Expect the problems identified in Step #4 to arise. Do not be surprised or thrown off by inevitable blocks on the path.
  8. Apply the appropriate pre-mortem strategy to combat any issue that arises.
  9. Achieve success.


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