9 Little-Known Benefits of Meditation

All of your problems in life appear downstream from their ultimate source: your mind. Specifically, the root cause of your problems is your dysfunctional relationship with your constant companion—your thoughts.

“Our relationship to thought is perhaps the most important relationship we have to anything. It really determines everything about our mind and our lives. It determines the way we feel, it determines the goals to which we strive, it determines what we do in relationships...”

It’s hard to truly emphasize the pervasive benefits of meditation without seeming like you’re exaggerating or like you’ve been inducted into a cult. But I promise you, the implications of this practice are real. It’s the most powerful tool for personal transformation.

“….In meditation, we begin to discover that there’s a difference between letting thoughts pass like a wave, gently beneath you, without any real implication; [versus] finding yourself right in the strike zone, and getting hit with the full force of each wave.

Here are 9 little-known benefits of meditation:

  1. Actually stop giving a rat’s tail about what other people think.
  2. Strengthen your intuition and finally follow your true purpose.
  3. Uncover the limiting beliefs that are causing you to sabotage your chance at success, love, fitness, and happiness.
  4. Cut the duration of depression and other difficult mental states in half.
  5. Fully and effortlessly embrace the present moment without having to beat yourself with Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”.
  6. Improve all of your relationships, particularly your relationship with yourself.
  7. Never experience loneliness again.
  8. Never fear death again.
  9. Eradicate all addictions and bad habits without conscious effort.

“…So in this practice, we’re learning to get out of the strike zone as quickly as possible, and ultimately perhaps, to stay out of it altogether. Then we can ride the waves with equanimity.” – Sam Harris, Day 47 of the Waking up Course

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