The Personality Profile of a Meditator: How Meditation Changes Your Personality and Who You Are

Meditation is perhaps the best kept secret when it comes to personality change. Those who meditate regularly and prioritize their practice reap rewards that are completely unknown to the average person.

Psychological Necessity: The Cornerstone of Change

Change happens when choice disappears. Until change becomes the only viable option, we will retreat to realms of comfort and predictability; we will remain victims of diffuse desire versus champions of change.

Why self-reflection is destroying your personal growth: A neuroscience perspective

Look, I wish I could tell you that you’ve been doing the right thing by self-reflecting. Truth be told, there’s nothing I love more than sitting with a cup of tea, pen in hand, ready to scribble whatever discursive thoughts arise onto a crisp new page. If you’re human, from the moment you wake up,Continue reading “Why self-reflection is destroying your personal growth: A neuroscience perspective”

Life doesn’t happen to you; life happens for you

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker Most of us are not prepared for the responsibility of creating our lives. So we pretend that we don’t have it at all. We pretend that we are leaves in the wind; that we are victims of circumstance instead of victorsContinue reading “Life doesn’t happen to you; life happens for you”