Get your own worms

If I asked you to give me your brain, would you?

Probably not. Why, then, have you forfeited your ability—and your right—to use it?

You are simply not hungry enough for truth. You are happy to be fed any information, so long as your stomach remains full. This isn’t unique to the coronavirus: you don’t have to look too closely to realize that you are happy to adopt your parents’ beliefs, your society’s values, and your friends’ habits.

The result of this is that you’ve given away your power to people “above” you. You’ve given away your right to your own health, your finances, and now—your own personal freedom.

And now you will be left with nothing.

You are rolled over, cowered in the corner of your house,  in a position of utter powerlessness because you ACT like you are powerless.

My friends with advanced science degrees don’t even want to comment on the current situation. Why? Because they are afraid of going against the grain, of their words being misconstrued, about not knowing enough.

But you, my friend, no matter who you are and what education you have— you have strong, capable wings, so stop acting like a helpless chick. You cannot afford to wait anxiously for mamma bird to find worms for you and stick them in your open mouth.

You are hungry; so you don’t like to think about the possibility of being fed lies. But it’s time to remember: your wings aren’t clipped.

Get up, and get your own worms.

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