What does it take to have a massive personal transformation? It’s not what you think

Personal development is an entire industry. A $9.9 billion dollar industry.

I find it a bit perplexing—how can there be so many voices, so much advice, throughout so many decades, and yet, the industry is only expected to grow?

Obviously, we place a huge amount of value on bettering ourselves. And there’s no doubt about it, the mind is a complex machine. I’m not discrediting the intricacies of the mind. But most self-help books aren’t about real advancements — they are regurgitated bits of age-old wisdom.

As with most arenas of development, we seek to make difficult work palatable for the masses. We package nuances of the same slices of wisdom in a myriad of different ways, disguised by different strategies, for a low price of $25.99.

So, what is the most parsimonious theory of change, of the upward spiral of well-being? What is the real crux of transformation? What does it cost?

Let me give you a hint: it’s not monetary.

The price of change is free.

But the cost of change is everything.

All true and lasting transformation boils down to an elevation of your consciousness. A real shift in the way you perceive and orient yourself towards reality.

And guess what? It’s absolutely free, and you can do it right now. Money can’t buy you abs any more than money can buy you consciousness.

As simple and free as it is, most people will wait for some get-happy-quick scheme, some 27 rules of greatness, some how-to-be-better-than-everyone ebook.

And this is how our consciousness continues to wither, as the industry continues to grow. Our lives get worse, the self-help section gets more shelves.


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