Stress reduction amid a pathological lifestyle

“I want to stop feeling pain in my leg whilst continuing to beat it with a bat.” – People seeking stress-reduction techniques for their pathologically busy lifestyles. The infrastructure of your life matters. It’s the foundation upon which psychological wellbeing is built. If you want to change how you feel without changing how you live,Continue reading “Stress reduction amid a pathological lifestyle”

Can you cultivate mindfulness while being active on social media?

In principle, social media is an amazing tool: it transcends time and space, allowing people from every crevice of the globe to connect. But what something is in principle, and what something ends up being in practice, are two very different things.

Why Metta Human? A brief introduction.

To me, the possibility of ushering others into a new mental landscape β€” and therefore, a new reality β€” animates my life. Because no matter how many advancements or changes we see in politics, science, technology and art β€” we will only thrive to the extent that our collective psyche will allow. And the collectiveContinue reading “Why Metta Human? A brief introduction.”

Anxiety or Something Else Entirely? On The Insidious Causes of Anxiety

On average, it takes less than 10 minutes to be prescribed a benzodiazepine (an anti-anxiety drug). Statistics provide a window of insight into the magnitude of the medical misdemeanour of over-prescribing anxiolytics: a total of 30.6 MILLION adults in the United States alone (12.6% of adults in 2019) reported having used benzos. Anxiolytics are haphazardlyContinue reading “Anxiety or Something Else Entirely? On The Insidious Causes of Anxiety”

Sketching, Sculpting and Seriously Bad Singing: Why Self-Expression Through Art is Good for Your Mental Health

How do you express yourself? Perhaps you sing in the shower, prance around in your pyjamas or even shimmy down the staircase. Whatever it is, self-expression encourages you to reveal your weird, whacky and wonderful self to others. It’s completely endearing and one of the greatest forms of self-love.