Finding A Home in the Cosmos: Cosmic (In)significance and the Interconnectedness of All Things

“Life is meaningless.” There is a general sense of malaise that runs rampant among those without religious beliefs. With the advent of atheism, and with the gaining of scientific understanding, many of us are faced with the loss of a sense of purpose and position in the universe. Many of us live with an underlying,Continue reading “Finding A Home in the Cosmos: Cosmic (In)significance and the Interconnectedness of All Things”

10 Empowering Truths to Embody in 2022

The best way to predict your future is to create it.   – Peter Drucker It’s not success if it robs me of happiness or peace. I can act differently than how I feel.  If I take action towards my goal, I will reach it. If put the effort in, it’ll happen.  I’m able toContinue reading “10 Empowering Truths to Embody in 2022”

An Introduction to Karma: How it Actually Works, and Why it Matters

The reality of karma is that it does not punish you in some distant future. The reality of karma is that it is a direct reflection of the state of your own mind: a state which you create by every action you perpetrate, and every thought you think.

5 Ways to Bolster your Meditative Practice

Meditation is a paradox: it is a very simple practice, and yet it is unparalleled in its ability to revolutionize your life. Your experience of life is inseparable from your experience within your mind; and so, at its core, meditation is a catch-all solution to every problem. Before delving into ways to strengthen your meditationContinue reading “5 Ways to Bolster your Meditative Practice”