Finding A Home in the Cosmos: Cosmic (In)significance and the Interconnectedness of All Things

“Life is meaningless.” There is a general sense of malaise that runs rampant among those without religious beliefs. With the advent of atheism, and with the gaining of scientific understanding, many of us are faced with the loss of a sense of purpose and position in the universe. Many of us live with an underlying,Continue reading “Finding A Home in the Cosmos: Cosmic (In)significance and the Interconnectedness of All Things”

Transcending Homeostatic Levels of Happiness

We live within the limits of our minds. The universe is infinite, what is available to us is limitless beyond measure. And the universe is entirely impartial; it is a constant creator, it will generate what you ask it to generate. What you step towards, it will bring forward. The seeds you sow are the fruits you reap. 

Music, the Mind, and the Questions that Make us Human: a Closer Look at Platon Karataev

In every era, we find artistic genius that is far beyond its time. The transcendent, vivid music created by Platon Karataev falls into this rare category. Each note draws the listener in closer; each lyric seems to be imbued with tens of thousands of meanings.