The Paradox of Proficient Striving

This is the paradox of proficient striving: those who put their whole heart and soul into realizing a vision, a passion or a project —while actually enjoying the process—can do so because they are unattached from the outcome. They view life as play, and the pursuit of passion as an end in itself.

MVP Morning Routine: How to Wire Yourself to be in a Consistently Good Mood

Why aren’t people naturally happy? Being a modern human is a balancing act. We are constantly shuffling between responsibilities, and I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind an assistant for my own life. Sometimes life is just loud; sometimes it’s just a lot to deal with. But there’s also the misconception that humans are wired for happiness.Continue reading “MVP Morning Routine: How to Wire Yourself to be in a Consistently Good Mood”

The Buffer Effect of Having a Life Purpose

Depression. Addiction. Bad relationships. Persistent dissatisfaction. Those are just a few of the ways that we suffer from lacking direction in life. We lack direction when we haven’t carefully constructed our life purpose. Without a purpose—without an impetus to push forward—we fall prey to all sorts of menial distractions. We fall into the lower levelsContinue reading “The Buffer Effect of Having a Life Purpose”

An alternative to apathy

It’s easy to feel defeated. To crumble under the pressure of the world. It’s easy to ask, “Why me?” “Why bother with any of it at all?” It’s hard to mobilize your inner reserves of strength. It’s hard to overcome the inertia of apathy. But what other option is there? If you have committed toContinue reading “An alternative to apathy”