Shortcuts to arriving at this moment (even though you’re already here)

As humans we have this peculiar and pesky tendency to be swept away by a stream of thoughts. Usually, they are hidden below our conscious awareness. Maybe you find yourself thinking thoughts that don’t concord with the situation you’re in — questions like, why on God’s green earth am I laughing at a funeral? or,Continue reading “Shortcuts to arriving at this moment (even though you’re already here)”

Learning to take mini (mental) vacations

Drop the bags you’re carrying. Don’t you realize how heavy they are? You can have them back in a moment, if you choose to keep up with the constant burden they impose. But just for one minute, stay still where you are. I want you to think of your problems. The big ones, the ones thatContinue reading “Learning to take mini (mental) vacations”

Psychological Superpowers and Their Shadows

Truth seeking (shadow: dwelling in denial). The greatest of all psychological superpowers is being willing to face and accept the truth. The truth of a situation, the truth about a person, the truth about the nature of reality, the truth about religion, the truth about money, the truth about success, the truth about sex andContinue reading “Psychological Superpowers and Their Shadows”

Affirming your choice to live in this remarkably hilarious and random world

                                           “Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?” – Albert Camus I often laugh as I sip my morning coffee. To the extent that I’m able to remember this quote, that is.Continue reading “Affirming your choice to live in this remarkably hilarious and random world”