3 Steps to Dealing with a Mental Health Relapse

“The [mind] is not unlike the body, in that as long as it is well, one is barely conscious of it. Let something but go wrong with its mechanism, however, and the whole aspect of things alters in a moment.” – John Custance, Wisdom Madness and Folly When the going gets tough, the tough getContinue reading “3 Steps to Dealing with a Mental Health Relapse”

The Necessity of a Tripartite Model of Therapy

Healing any part of the body or mind involves the entire body and mind. It’d be really lovely if we could isolate each cell, organ, hormone, neurotransmitter and limb, and treat each as if they weren’t part of the whole organism. That’d be music to the reductionists’ ears. But alas, reductionism has failed in itsContinue reading “The Necessity of a Tripartite Model of Therapy”

Depression isn’t meant to destroy you

Your pain is your greatest teacher; don’t skip the lesson.   Your emotions are what communicate your needs to you. They are nothing to be feared, stifled, or pushed away. They just want the chance to be heard and acknowledged. If you don’t acknowledge them, they will only grow stronger, or cause you to numb yourselfContinue reading “Depression isn’t meant to destroy you”

6 Questions to ask before you believe you’re depressed

A chemical imbalance in the brain. A weak mindset. A natural product of our obsession with social media. Whatever you believe depression is, the fact remains that it is one of the most pervasive mental health predicaments afflicting people today. And make no mistake: depression is serious. It is the leading cause of suicide atContinue reading “6 Questions to ask before you believe you’re depressed”