Special Considerations for Women’s Mental Health

“Many marriages break up over hormonal imbalance, which is truly sad because it comes from a lack of understanding. When hormones are put back in balance… a woman or man resumes their normal life of feeling good and having days filled with quality.” Suzanne Somers I’ll never forget that painful hour I spent listening toContinue reading “Special Considerations for Women’s Mental Health”

Metta Human & The Anti-Show Podcast: #6 Mental Health in the COVID Dystopia

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” – Glenn Close ABOUT THIS EPISODE Sean and Dave get real about their mental health during the last six months, and the self-care strategies they’ve deployed. Later, psychology researcher Saba from the University of Ottawa talks to Sean about the ways that COVID exacerbatesContinue reading “Metta Human & The Anti-Show Podcast: #6 Mental Health in the COVID Dystopia”

Avoid Catching Apathy, The Emotional Plague

Apathy is a resignation of the self. It swaddles you in safety, but it does so by alleviating you from the desires and drives that caused you pain. It drives a wedge between who you are – your burning innate desires – and your conscious mind. So you are outwardly – and even inwardly – convinced that you truly couldn’t care less about your own life.