Addiction as a means of self-regulation: circumventing the vicious cycle

If there is one thing I’ve learned in all of my life, it is that the body and mind are always right. And, the problem we think we have is almost never the actual problem, and if we ask a better question we will arrive at a better answer. The body and mind are alwaysContinue reading “Addiction as a means of self-regulation: circumventing the vicious cycle”

The 30-Page Book That Will Change Your Life Forever

Which book actually changed my life? There are many that have impacted my life to varying degrees. But this simple 30-page booklet which I got for free didn’t just change my life, it gave me an entirely new one.

The Personality Profile of a Meditator: How Meditation Changes Your Personality and Who You Are

Meditation is perhaps the best kept secret when it comes to personality change. Those who meditate regularly and prioritize their practice reap rewards that are completely unknown to the average person.

Why self-reflection is destroying your personal growth: A neuroscience perspective

Look, I wish I could tell you that you’ve been doing the right thing by self-reflecting. Truth be told, there’s nothing I love more than sitting with a cup of tea, pen in hand, ready to scribble whatever discursive thoughts arise onto a crisp new page. If you’re human, from the moment you wake up,Continue reading “Why self-reflection is destroying your personal growth: A neuroscience perspective”

How Meditation Loosens the Grip of the Self: Neural Correlates of Self-Centeredness and Self-Transcendence

Somehow, meditation changes both of these: over time, it quiets chatter of the monkey mind and shifts our stubborn physiological bias. Quite like magic. Except, it’s long-term magic: meditation erodes and weakens the strength of our negative thoughts, cognitive dissonances, and painful longings.