5 Positive Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Daily Life

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. While many of these changes were unwanted, some may actually have positive implications for our mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Panic Attack Prevention and Survival Guide

If you deal with panic attacks, you are not alone. Approximately 11% of people in the US will experience a panic attack each year, and for many, it’s a regular occurrence. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risks of having a panic attack, as well as ways to make any panic attacks you do have easier to handle.

Science-Backed Methods for Feeling Younger Than Your Age

Feeling younger than one’s age is not just a feeling or an emotion. Research shows that those who feel younger than their age tend to show fewer signs of brain aging. Fortunately, science and case studies have provided ample research on the secrets to feeling great. And here are a few examples of how youContinue reading “Science-Backed Methods for Feeling Younger Than Your Age”

Special Considerations for Women’s Mental Health

“Many marriages break up over hormonal imbalance, which is truly sad because it comes from a lack of understanding. When hormones are put back in balance… a woman or man resumes their normal life of feeling good and having days filled with quality.” Suzanne Somers I’ll never forget that painful hour I spent listening toContinue reading “Special Considerations for Women’s Mental Health”

The Necessity of a Tripartite Model of Therapy

Healing any part of the body or mind involves the entire body and mind. It’d be really lovely if we could isolate each cell, organ, hormone, neurotransmitter and limb, and treat each as if they weren’t part of the whole organism. That’d be music to the reductionists’ ears. But alas, reductionism has failed in itsContinue reading “The Necessity of a Tripartite Model of Therapy”