MVP Morning Routine: How to Wire Yourself to be in a Consistently Good Mood

MVP Morning Routine: How to Wire Yourself to be in a Consistently Good Mood

Why aren't people naturally happy? Being a modern human is a balancing act. We are constantly shuffling between responsibilities, and I'll admit I wouldn't mind an assistant for my own life. Sometimes life is just loud; sometimes it's just a lot to deal with. But there's also the misconception that humans are wired for happiness. [...]

The Buffer Effect of Having a Life Purpose

Depression. Addiction. Bad relationships. Persistent dissatisfaction. Those are just a few of the ways that we suffer from lacking direction in life. We lack direction when we haven't carefully constructed our life purpose. Without a purpose—without an impetus to push forward—we fall prey to all sorts of menial distractions. We fall into the lower levels [...]

Happiness isn’t what you truly want (and what you’re really searching for)

Life happens in the mind. Wouldn't it be fabulous if objective circumstances completely dictated our level of happiness, independent of our interpretation? If that were the case, the vast majority of people in developed countries would have no reason to be unhappy or unsatisfied, because comparatively, we are in the 1%. We wake up to [...]

6 Questions to ask before you believe you’re depressed

A chemical imbalance in the brain. A weak mindset. A natural product of our obsession with social media. Whatever you believe depression is, the fact remains that it is one of the most pervasive mental health predicaments afflicting people today. And make no mistake: depression is serious. It is the leading cause of suicide at [...]