Shortcuts to arriving at this moment (even though you’re already here)

As humans we have this peculiar and pesky tendency to be swept away by a stream of thoughts. Usually, they are hidden below our conscious awareness. Maybe you find yourself thinking thoughts that don’t concord with the situation you’re in — questions like, why on God’s green earth am I laughing at a funeral? or,Continue reading “Shortcuts to arriving at this moment (even though you’re already here)”

Psychophysical Ethics: The Crux of Mental Discipline

To engage in psychophysical ethics is to engage in a certain mental and physical hygiene, where we become impartial observers of ourselves, able to maintain a certain homeostasis within our present experience—modulating and regulating it, so that we can live in harmony within our own minds and bodies.

An Introduction to Karma: How it Actually Works, and Why it Matters

The reality of karma is that it does not punish you in some distant future. The reality of karma is that it is a direct reflection of the state of your own mind: a state which you create by every action you perpetrate, and every thought you think.

Transcending Homeostatic Levels of Happiness

We live within the limits of our minds. The universe is infinite, what is available to us is limitless beyond measure. And the universe is entirely impartial; it is a constant creator, it will generate what you ask it to generate. What you step towards, it will bring forward. The seeds you sow are the fruits you reap. 

The 30-Page Book That Will Change Your Life Forever

Which book actually changed my life? There are many that have impacted my life to varying degrees. But this simple 30-page booklet which I got for free didn’t just change my life, it gave me an entirely new one.