Don’t fight your battles; transcend them (Who is Bobby, and why does he hate me?)

All of this year, I have struggled. And perhaps I’d argue that I’ve struggled my whole life—struggled incessantly to keep my bobby pins in one place. Somehow, despite my best organizational efforts, the pins are everywhere except where I need them to be. I find them on the stairs, in the sink, on my carpet,Continue reading “Don’t fight your battles; transcend them (Who is Bobby, and why does he hate me?)”

Level up: your life demands it

Sometimes life gives you no option but to level up. Level up: advance one’s character to the next level of development; to progress to the next level. The truth is, sometimes we’re not good enough. We can’t meet the demands of a new phase of life. It’s a tough pill to swallow—sometimes we are theContinue reading “Level up: your life demands it”

Happiness isn’t what you truly want (and what you’re really searching for)

Life happens in the mind. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if objective circumstances completely dictated our level of happiness, independent of our interpretation? If that were the case, the vast majority of people in developed countries would have no reason to be unhappy or unsatisfied, because comparatively, we are in the 1%. We wake up toContinue reading “Happiness isn’t what you truly want (and what you’re really searching for)”

An alternative to apathy

It’s easy to feel defeated. To crumble under the pressure of the world. It’s easy to ask, “Why me?” “Why bother with any of it at all?” It’s hard to mobilize your inner reserves of strength. It’s hard to overcome the inertia of apathy. But what other option is there? If you have committed toContinue reading “An alternative to apathy”

3 Steps to Conquering Overwhelm

Step 1: Connect to the original vision Being overwhelmed has a special way of giving us tunnel vision. Our attention ends up feeling myopic and narrow; we lose our connection to the vision that initially inspired our actions, and we lose our connection to the world around us. To counteract the shrinking effect of overwhelm,Continue reading “3 Steps to Conquering Overwhelm”