Learning to take mini (mental) vacations

Drop the bags you’re carrying. Don’t you realize how heavy they are?

You can have them back in a moment, if you choose to keep up with the constant burden they impose. But just for one minute, stay still where you are.

I want you to think of your problems. The big ones, the ones that have been testing the limits of your mind, making creases in your forehead and causing you the most despair. Especially if they are low-grade inflammatory problems, which feel like they can only get worse with time—the ones you can’t see a solution to right now, the ones that are detracting from your spirit, and stealing your soul from your daily life.

Think about them. Think about how horrible your problem has been making you feel. And just for a second, I want you to ask yourself: What would it feel like if this completely disappeared?

What would I feel like if this hadn’t ever crossed my mind?

What would it be like to know that it wasn’t a problem anymore, and that it never would be  again? 

What would it feel like to be unconditionally freed from this? 

Ask. Breathe. Feel it. 

Take frequent vacations from your problems. You deserve it.

I’m not saying they can magically disappear; but I promise that if you ask these questions, you don’t constantly have to carry them with you.

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