The Economy Relies Upon Your Psychological Weaknesses: Rising Above Insecurity

“Fixing” insecurities is like whac-a-mole; as soon as you feel you have crushed one, another appears in its place. Because surface-level insecurities are nothing but indicators of a deeper existential insecurity: am I enough? Am I lovable? Is who I am sufficient to survive, exist, and thrive? 

This is why marketers and corporations prey upon our insecurities, because they know it is an inexhaustible supply of sales.

All society has to do is plant a seed of doubt and watch your insecurities flourish into forests of fear: fear of ostracization, fear of being less-than, fear of being unworthy, fear of ending up alone.

If every breathing being woke up tomorrow and truly felt that they were enough just as they are, society would collapse in a certain sense. What can you sell someone who isn’t buying? What lies can you feed someone who isn’t hungry?

So society (and by extension, the economy) relies upon insecurity. It counts on it showing up in every facet of your life. Is my car flamboyant enough, does my house prove I earn a good living, is my wife hot enough to make other men envy me, am I smart enough to outwit my colleagues?

When we are living in a space of insecurity, we are always trying to one-up others. We need to feel “better than” so that we can prove to ourselves that we are not “less than”. But it’s a game of chasing our own tail, and we dizzy ourselves in this insatiable quest for security which can only be found within ourselves. 

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