A Year is Made of Days, Days of Hours, Hours of Minutes… and Ad Infinitum

“I realized, I wasn’t born this [person]. I made him.”

– David Goggins

I’d argue that the most important moment of your life is this one, and the most important day of your life is today.

Life’s trajectory is altered and influenced by micro-moments, small pivots, split seconds.

The sweeping away of all that was, and the influx of all that can be, occurs via accumulation of particles—not by tsunami.

We create our ideal lives through reverse engineering—by planning backwards, from the ultimate goal to the smallest first step. Here are some questions to ask yourself when reverse engineering your life and analyzing how you are investing your time. And time is your most valuable and finite resource.

The most important questions I can ask myself at the beginning/end of the day are:

  1. What can I do today to make myself proud?

and in the same vein…

  1. Based on what I did today, where will I be 6 months from now?

and to alter, adjust, and act accordingly…

Because the laws of the universe are largely mathematical: what I invest in today, I’ll harvest in increments tomorrow. What I destroy today, will have to be rebuilt once again.

Which leads us to the mathematics of investing; the analysis of whittling down our actions to micro-actions that will compound over time to have the highest possible impact, the highest possible return.

And the most important questions I can ask myself each week are:

  1. What habits/behaviours/investments of time have resulted in the greatest returns? What has paid the most dividends? In a nutshell: what actions have resulted in compound interest?


  1. What habits/behaviours/investments of time have led to diminishing returns, losses or downward spirals of lost/mismanaged time?

to polish it off…

  1. What new habits/behaviours/investments of my time will result in incremental returns that will compound over time? What small steps will lead to transformative growth?

We start with a precise analysis. We simmer in reflection. We mercilessly cut out cancerous behaviours, investments of time and maladaptive habits. We reduce grand dreams into the smallest possible and actionable step. And we do it today.

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