Happiness is a Skill: How to be Happy All The Time

Learn to be happy despite and because of everything; wear happiness as though it is your own skin, as if it is simply part of you, and you will always be happy wherever you are.

So many of us wonder, will I be happy?, forgetting that happiness is within us. It’s a state of mind, a way of being. Nothing in the external world actually makes us happy; it is our interpretation of what we see and experience that elicits a feeling of happiness within us.

You can’t point to happiness the way you can point to a waterfall. You just know it when it is burning within you. So my advice is this: keep it within you, no matter the cost. No matter what happens, always bring your own happiness. You’ll find it’s an unlimited reserve; and as unromantic and mechanic as it can seem, it is a capacity that grows the more you tend to it.

When you leave for a long road trip or a hike, how do you make sure you will always have access to water? Well, you bring it with you. You carry a water bottle. You don’t think, jeez, I hope we find water today.

Happiness can also happen to you, but is it not a tragic mismanagement of your limited days, to wait for it to stumble upon you by chance? To wait for a fleeting moment when all the chemicals in you brain and events in your life serendipitously align to produce “happiness”? When we are happiness, we radiate happiness into the world around us. We infect others through an emotional contagion, and we create more happiness to experience and enjoy.

If you want to be happy all the time, bring happiness with you.

Do you think happiness is a skill that you can train? Let us know in the comments below ↓

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