Science-Backed Methods for Feeling Younger Than Your Age

Feeling younger than one’s age is not just a feeling or an emotion. Research shows that those who feel younger than their age tend to show fewer signs of brain aging. Fortunately, science and case studies have provided ample research on the secrets to feeling great. And here are a few examples of how you can implement them in your everyday life today.

Fitness Is Your Friend

There’s a reason the fitness industry is thriving and that there are countless articles and TV shows encouraging people to own their lives through exercise. Regular physical activity has proven to help the body stay decades younger than it actually is. Frequent exercise results in better muscles, blood flow, heart health, and lung strength.

To help keep you motivated, accountable for your daily exercise, and safe, it’s beneficial to invest in a fitness tracker or smartwatch. The Apple Watch SE, for example, has some wonderful tools like fall detection and emergency SOS that will keep your mind at ease. 

Food Matters

At all ages and for all body types, what you eat daily matters to your physical and mental health. Some fruits and vegetables are packed with all the essential nutrients you need for muscle growth and repair. And a well-balanced diet will give you all the energy necessary to stay active and healthy. You don’t need to deprive yourself or adhere to some complicated or fancy diet. You only need to make consistent healthier choices to look good and feel good.

Clearing Your Mind

Simply put, your thoughts affect your body. If you are stressed, if you feel worried, or if you are anxious, then your body will respond. You may feel fatigued or muscle tension, blood pressure issues may arise, your emotions may be erratic and your overall health may take a hit if your mind is not right. Take the time to slow down and center yourself. Practice focused breathing (apps like MyLife Meditation can help you develop and practice your skills!) to calm your body and improve your health. Incorporate the practice of meditation into your routine to rejuvenate your spirit and heal your body.

Finding the Joy

A good part of being your best self and feeling at your prime is mind over matter. Incorporating the practice of gratitude into your life will not only change your daily outlook but will leave you feeling relief, less tension, and happier. You can take any bad situation, look for one bright spot of joy, and turn the whole scenario around. Focusing on any amount of positivity will affect your mental and emotional health, but you will also find improvements in your heart health and immune response that will leave you healthier and more energized.

You Are What You Think

It’s essential to change how you view yourself. Think of yourself in positive terms, embrace a more youthful identity, and do not let yourself be defined by your years. A study revealed, through brain scans, that individuals who viewed themselves as younger had brains that were indeed younger than the actual age of the adult. You can slow down the physical aging process by changing your mind about yourself and actively pursuing a younger feeling you.

The goal of trying to feel younger is to feel better, live your best life, and have a healthier body. Aging does not mean deterioration, slowing down, or having to give up certain joys from your past. You can enjoy the fruits of wisdom that come with years but all the while keep your youthful energy, positive mental state, and overall health.

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