3 Mind-Blowing Books That Will Completely Change Your Life

“A drop of ink may make a million think.” – Lord Byron

Books are like yoga for your mind: they stretch you until you are capable of thinking in ways you couldn’t before.

Choosing a book can be overwhelming. And I don’t know about you, but I actually feel cheated when I invest the time to read a book that turns out to be just lukewarm or mediocre, with no special spark.

There are so many “good” books out there, and we are often caught between something we were recommended, or something that looked good at the time. But considering most people read just a handful of books a year, it’s essential that they choose the most powerful books in existence.

Reading any of the following books will draw a line in the sand: there will be life before you read it, and life afterwards.

The Untethered Soul

Please, do not judge this book by its cover. I almost put it down because it looked so horribly cliché.

But this book is absolutely paramount, bar none. It is a catalyst to personal transformation and spiritual growth. Michael Singer writes with such simple profundity, and delivers timeless truths in a way that is sharp and accessible for everyone.

The Brain: The Story of You

This is the perfect beginner’s book into the science of the brain, or neuroscience as we like to call it.

This book will reveal you to yourself. It unveils the intricacy of our thought processes, the unbelievable bias of our perception, and highlights the future applications and implications of neuroscience.

Man’s Search for Meaning

This book can hardly be called a book. There is no word in the human language that comes close to describing it: it absolutely transcends mere ink on a page.

Man’s Search for Meaning details the inconceivable horrors of life in a concentration camp. Written by a neurologist and psychiatrist, it speaks to the psychology of the prisoners and the powerful, and highlights how humans can overcome even the most dire circumstances. It also discusses logotherapy, which is Victor Frankl’s clinical legacy. It is a definite must-read in your lifetime.

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