The Transformative Power of Meditation

Meditation brings you back to yourself.

It reminds you how to laugh freely, to love openly, to embrace the fullness of existence.

Meditation will continue to bring you back to yourself, every single day that you make the conscious decision to invest in this practice. Meditation makes every day worth living, no matter the content of the day.

It will transform every one of your relationships, because it transforms your relationship with yourself—which, of course, is the foundation of all other relationships.

Meditation will enable you to cultivate a deep self-respect and appreciation for your true self; a love that stems from the vantage point of divinity, not the clutches of ego.

We are constantly inundated by frenetic, misguided advertisements, seducing us to live elsewhere but the present moment, as if happiness is reserved for some other time. But life is happening now. It was always happening now. Meditation centres you in the present moment, which is the only place that you can live; and what could be more powerful?

“Meditation is the key to unlocking the door of mysteries” – Abdul-Baha

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