An alternative to apathy

It’s easy to feel defeated. To crumble under the pressure of the world.

It’s easy to ask,

“Why me?”

“Why bother with any of it at all?”

It’s hard to mobilize your inner reserves of strength. It’s hard to overcome the inertia of apathy.

But what other option is there? If you have committed to life, you might as well live — and you might as well live as best you can.

Apathy says, I won’t even try.

The alternative of apathy is to say, I won’t stop trying. Come hell or high water, I will rise again.

The alternative to apathy is to give life everything you have. Because we’re here for a short time. Because there’s only one of you in the whole world. Because you might as well become all you can be.

Take life lightly. Have fun with it. Apathy is so heavy; and there’s nothing heavy about this life.

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