A Liberating Realization that Promotes Perfect Detachment

The real goal is not accomplishing the goal. 

The real goal is not to achieve stellar success, to have washboard abs, or to bask in public acclaim. 

Haven’t you noticed this by now? 

The real goal is, and has always been, to push ourselves to the absolute limits of our potential, every single day. The real goal is to give life everything we’ve got, again and again, until we die. 

“The goal is not to realize the goal; the goal is to realize ourselves.” – David Laroche 

But there’s a caveat, which fully understood, liberates us completely: the only way to perfect fulfillment , and utter detachment, is to bleed for a cause that we truly believe in. It’s to know that we are fighting for that inner voice— a voice that can only be heard if we speak on its behalf. 

That is what brings us true fulfillment—not some external parameter of success, but knowing within ourselves that we risked it all for something we truly believed in.

And incidentally, that is also how we can embrace the paradox of giving our goals every fibre of our being, while remaining completely detached from the outcome of our efforts. Because it’s not the result that matters.

What matters is to be able to say with full confidence that despite the results, you gave it your all. You went all out. You held nothing back.  

To say, at the end of the day—and ultimately, at the very end of your life—that you honoured the essence of who you were. You spoke on behalf of your inner voice. You let nothing and nobody silence you.

You gave life your all. 

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