The Ferocity of the Finnish: Harness Your Inner Sisu

You’ve come to that archetypal moment: you are about to achieve your longstanding goal, but you are facing the absolute limits of your capacity.

There is a seemingly insurmountable challenge to be faced, and you have no ability to overcome it. You are confronted with two decisions: you can either give up and abandon the quest, or you can fight to the end.

You decide to push forward. You’ve already come too far to turn back. Suddenly, you find that you are slaying the proverbial dragon without knowing how you’re doing it.

You’ve tapped into your sisu.

Similar to grit and endurance, sisu is “the ability to overcome preconceived notions of one’s capacity or strength… it is about our embodied strength. The etymology of the word is ‘the intestines’ or ‘the insides’ or ‘the gut’.” – Emilia Lahti

Sisu is an unstoppable inner force that arises from within us when we are faced with absolute adversity. From what I understand as a non-Finnish native, the concept of sisu is comparable to the elusive and indomitable human spirit, which often comes to our rescue not when we most want it, but when we most require it.

There is power in resolute decisions. When we make a tenacious and irreversible decision to succeed despite the odds, we marshal previously untapped resources within ourselves to transcend every block along the way. We harness our sisu.

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